lunes, 22 de enero de 2018


A- Ok Sam, where would I go now?
B- We´re on A72, so go straight on and stop in front of the traffic lights.
A- And now what.
B- Turn left, go straight ahead and then turn left again.
A- Should I take the A21?
B- Yes, you should and then go straight on and stop next to the police station.
A- Ok, can I turn right now?
B- No you shouldn´t, you need to turn left and go straight on.
A- Should I go in this direction?
B- Yes, you should.
A- Oh look, there it is! We´re nearly there!

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I always wanted to go to China because I think it´s the most interesting place to visit. I think that houses aremore unusual than houses in Spain, but what I most like is Chinese food because it´s the most delicious food in all the world. I also think that chinese culture is very interesting

The plave that I would never visit is Bernabeum´s stadium because I think that it´s the ugliest place to visit. I think that the stadium is very ugly and I hate Real Madrid!

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Hello, my name is Álvaro and this is my new avatar.

lunes, 8 de enero de 2018


Rafa Nadal is a Spanish person who plays tennis. He was born in Mayorca. He´s thirty three years old and he´s the best tennis player in the world. I love him because I love the way he treats people. He´s the youngest person in the world to win the golden slam. I´ve allwayswanted to be like Rafa Nadal.

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Resultado de imagen de rafa nadal


A - Hi Sam !
B - Hello Jack, how are you ?
A - Fine thanks. I was going to the cinema.
B - Oh ! What´s your favourite film ?
A - It´s Star Wars.
B - Oh dear ! I don´t like Star Wars at all ! The characters weren´t at all realisticand it was too long, but the plot was exciting.
A - What´s your favourite film ?
B - The Hobbit.
A - That´s a great film ! Characters are great, but it is too long.
B - That doesen´t matter because it was very excitung.
A- I know ! I recomended it to everyone.
B - See you later Jack !
A - Bye Sam
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martes, 2 de enero de 2018


I love Formula 1 races because I love cars, but I don't usually see Formula 1 races because I think that sometimes they are boring. My favourite Formula 1 driver is Fernando Alonso because he is the best driver in all the world.

I think that this new game is a real stupidity because I think that the game has no sense. There are some people that think that this new game is great, but I don' t think so. Do you know that there are world records about the bottle flip challenge? It's a real madness!

Many people dream with having a brother or a sister, but people who have them dream with not having them. I have a great sister, I love her a lot and she is a nice girl. We sometimes have little arguments, but at the end, I love her a lot and when she has a problem I always help her because he´s the most important thing for me in this world.

I think that Sharapova is a great tennis player, but a little time ago she failled the drug test, so that means that she wasn' t a good tennis player because she was cheating. That was a great disapointment. Everybody thought that she was a great tennis player, but at the end we discovered that it wasn´t like this and they took them her money and trophies.

In this world, there are many good tennis players, Andy Murray is one of them. He has beaten te best players in the world and last year he was the best tennis player in the world! I think that he is a great tennis player, but not better than Rafa Nadal! He's the best.

I always thought that coffee was a dessert, but it´s also a way of keeping you awake. Adult people usually have a cup of coffee after a meal or when they are inactive. Do you know that the most expensive coffee in the world is monkey poo? The monkey eats the coffee grains and then it expelled it. I love coffee despite its flavour is a bit strange, but I will have it when I´m a bit older.

lunes, 30 de octubre de 2017



What does he look like? What is he like?

He´s very friendly and honest. He´s also a bit shy when he´s going to meat a new person. He´s very athletic, becouse he plays basketball every day. He isn´t lazy and he does his homework every day. He has beautiful blue eyes and short blond hair. He´s very good looking and  he´s médium height. His nose is wide and he´s very strong.