domingo, 1 de abril de 2018



A- Was this a crime scene Mr. Jack?
B- I´m not sure. I think this wasn´t a crime scene.
A- How can you think that? Of course it was a crime scene.
B- No, it wasn´t. Do you remember last month? It was a similar case.
A- I  really don´t remember. Let me think. Oh yes! He was watering his plants and he fell over the balcony.
B- That´s it. I think it was the same. Look how tall the balcony was.
A- I think we should give this case to Sam.
B- Sam! He wasn´t very happy last time last time we called him, didn´t he?

A- No, he wasn´t.

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Hi! My name is Álvaro Martin and I´m 14 years old. I live in Salobreña, a small vilage near the beach in Granada. I live in a house with my parents, my sister and my dog. In winter, it´s not too cold, but in summer it´s very warm. But we have a beautiful beach where I can swim.

My hobbies are studying, painting and meeting friends, but what I like doing the most is playing tennis. I play tennis six days a week in Granada, which is far away from my house, but I don´t mind because it´s fun, especially when you play with your friends.

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A- I sing better tan my brother.
B- Do you? I don´t.
A- I paint more carefully than my sister.
B- So do I
A- My sister studies more than me.
B- So does my sister.
A- I cook more slowly than my than my dad.
B- I don´t.
A- I swim faster than my brother.
B- So do I
A- Yesterday, I did my homework faster than my brother.
B- So did I!
A- I run as fast as my brother.
B- I don´t.

lunes, 22 de enero de 2018


A- Ok Sam, where would I go now?
B- We´re on A72, so go straight on and stop in front of the traffic lights.
A- And now what.
B- Turn left, go straight ahead and then turn left again.
A- Should I take the A21?
B- Yes, you should and then go straight on and stop next to the police station.
A- Ok, can I turn right now?
B- No you shouldn´t, you need to turn left and go straight on.
A- Should I go in this direction?
B- Yes, you should.
A- Oh look, there it is! We´re nearly there!

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I always wanted to go to China because I think it´s the most interesting place to visit. I think that houses aremore unusual than houses in Spain, but what I most like is Chinese food because it´s the most delicious food in all the world. I also think that chinese culture is very interesting

The plave that I would never visit is Bernabeum´s stadium because I think that it´s the ugliest place to visit. I think that the stadium is very ugly and I hate Real Madrid!

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Hello, my name is Álvaro and this is my new avatar.

lunes, 8 de enero de 2018


Rafa Nadal is a Spanish person who plays tennis. He was born in Mayorca. He´s thirty three years old and he´s the best tennis player in the world. I love him because I love the way he treats people. He´s the youngest person in the world to win the golden slam. I´ve allwayswanted to be like Rafa Nadal.

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Resultado de imagen de rafa nadal